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this evening I am going to leave vienna. be gone for a while. flying with an iron horse via moscow to bangkok. millions and millions of people. millions and millions of hopes, needs, wishes, desires. an incredible web of relationships. innumerable fates of innumerable beings, human and nonhuman. sometimes I find it tempting to call it a single fate or, for that matter, the never ending story of gaia. just to take out the blur and add some blue.

on the one hand, i am really looking forward to that trip. part of it is the freedom that i can actually leave just because I want to do so. that is indeed a privilege. part of my thrill of anticipation is inspired by the positive reactions i got when i said i am going to be there for a couple of months. no matter if they are family members, friends, colleagues: they all said ‘great idea! go for it!’ some were honest enough to admit their envy.

big shoutout to all of you!! you helped me realise something essential. you played socrates’ part in my story. you healed me from anamnesis by reminding me of something I had forgotten, i.e. when it comes to deep-felt wishes, when it’s about feelings and needs we are all the same.

we find different ways to fulfill these needs, though. that’s for sure. and how we like to satisfy our needs (and keep away from things we dislike) is probably what marks our personal identity. so the way i see it is that my likes and dislikes make up who i am as a person. persona is a latin word meaning ‘mask’. so what is masked by my idiosyncratic ideas of what is good (I like it) and bad (I don’t like it)?


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