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Mellow mood in Moscow

while sitting on my seat 13A i watched out of the window to gaze at a celestial ceiling made up of little fluffy clouds. white light was blinking regularly on the edge of the aircraft’s left wing. interestingly, it reassured me everything’s gonna be alright even though the plane was considerably shaking in a way not that regular when flying thru a ‘temporary weather zone’.


after a midnight snack i dared to take a closer look at some articles in the moscow times newspaper. spooky. the front page was about a plane crash killing monsieur de margerie, the CEO of oil tycoon Total. imagine you sit in a russian airline and the main article blames alcohol in the form of a drunk snow plow driver whose vehicle the private jet crashed into while the editorial inside the paper laments the overall lousy state of infrastructure not only on the airport Vnukovo where the incident took place but also Russia’s demotivated, corrupt and intoxicated (‘no, it’s his heart condition,’ his lawyer claims) personnel in general.

another article deals with attitudinal papers condemning the USA for almost everything that has been going wrong in Russia ever since the times of Cold War, brainwashing people and spreading paranoia all over the country. scapegoat policy par excellence.

another article speaks about the Russian battle fleet and the possible but improbable threat it could pose to Sweden. it sounds as if Russia just wants to be part of the game. in order to do so, the war strategists play tricks from time to time. or is it just they don’t have anything under control and are simply trying to cover up the fact they are completely confused by using a combination of understatement and empty threats?

the fourth article i mention is titled ‘Belarus Eyes Return of Social Parasitism’ and talks about president Lukashenko’s approval of punishing people ‘who intentionally don’t work.’ He is cited thus, ‘we need to make these people work using any means we know and can handle.’ it probably seems to him (and his advisors) that resorting to repressive measures of the communist era is a really good idea at that time. to fight what? unemployment? the age-old woe of capitalism? beelzebub exorcising devil? there is an uncanny parallel to the endless fight against terrorism. be that as it may, it is planned to introduce measures against social parasitism by Jan.1, 2015. according to the article in the moscow times, ‘tuneyadstvo’ used to be a criminal offence in the Soviet Union between 1936 and 1991. didn’t work out then, won’t work now. but who gives a shit, if something won’t work, let’s just try harder…

alright, enough of it.

back to the physical plane 😉

when we landed this morning i could see the snow next to the landing strips. snow plow drivers doing their work, after all. the captain announced it’s -10°C in Moscow. OK, good to have no transit visa. I will stay at the airport.


She-re-met-yewo is the name of my transit airport. for me it is without a doubt a place suffused with an intensely functional, incredibly cold and appropriately impersonal atmosphere. i am just saying. i arrived here after only 2:15h in the air and landed around 5 a.m.

right now i sit in the transit passengers area. with ear-plugs. and with every minute I get increasingly used to the silenced ebb and flow of people passing by. at times it really is a pleasure doing nothing at all!


just watching…


… go…

… by…

… and remembering to breathe easily.

with all my heart, i invite you to do the same for a minute or two.

my connecting flight to Suvarnabhumi airport leaves at 7 p.m. which means there are another 10 hours to spend here at Sheremetyevo. i am glad i am inside a building. I am feeling quite peaceful at the moment, and i am sitting next to a steak bar 😛

for quite a while i keep looking for a place to recline and relax. eventually, i find some benches without separating handles so sleeping becomes an option. just in case one of you fellow travellers might be curious, here is a website i find useful in such cases:




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