Dhamma investigation, Sharing

upset stomach and a brunch with spain

this morning i am not feeling well at all. I could not sleep and get up at 10 a.m., have to puke ferociously into the toilet. i attribute it to the food I have eaten the evening before. whatever it was, it is gone now that I am writing this. lucky bastard, me.

after taking a shower (there is only hot water) and doing some meridian stretching, at 12 o’clock i finally make my swaying way down wobbly stairs at saifon guest house to get some liquid back into the system. the body feels so fuckin weak… i choose to spend a couple of hours just sitting in the shade.

whilst i am staring holes into space, some five Spanish girls arrive. they ask me if I have recently eaten here. i tell them. what i had for lunch (no prob) and what i had for dinner (prob indeed). they invite me to sit with them for lunch. yeah! let’s talk some castellano 🙂 i am not really hungry and just drink a 1.5l bottle of water with isotonic tablet. after that I feel better and order (at the exact place i ate that probably sickening supper) five spring rolls ‘mai gin nwasad’ (‘I don’t eat meat’). they seem to have been ok cuz this is now two hours ago and i am awake and feel some chi flow again.

i guess the lesson I have learned is to be aware of what I am eating while I am at it, tasting it, chewing it, and leaving it – even though i might be very hungry – in case it tastes reheated or funny in any other possible way. as the body recovers and the dizziness passes by, leaving clarity in its wake, it also serves a reminder of anicca, impermanence.

now it is 3 p.m. i check out. leave a green pullover there. i won’t need it in this heat anyway and i want to travel more lightly. the train back to bangkok leaves in half an hour. the night train to chaiya at 19:30. i bought some cashews, apples and bananas for the ride. i will continue to save energy today and stroll ever so slowly through the hot air, dodging mosquitoes on the way.


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