Suan Mokh, Thailand

In the middle of nowhere

nowhere to go.
nothing to do.
no one to be.

here i am, in the middle of nowhere.


Men’s dormitory at Suan Mokk

at 7 a.m. i arrive at Suan Mokk, the garden of liberation.

i am going to stay here for ten days, doing anapanasati, mindfulness of the breathing.

after that, on Nov.11th or 12th, i will write the next blog entry.

i am looking forward to this experience, even though it is hot and humid and I feel kinda wasted at times. dissociative process going on. surrealistic situations kicking in. then, the breath again.

today is sort of arrival day. get acclimated. i slept in the night train. I slept in the dormitory (not much else to do in there) for the last 5 or 6 hours.

i love you all.
be happy 🙂

p.s. OK, to be honest, and maybe to unworry some of you who are reading this (hi mom) i am not staying in the middle of nowhere. the road five minutes from here is actually quite busy. and the mosquito net I brought serves me well (thx bro).


Road to Chaiya


3 thoughts on “In the middle of nowhere

  1. Silvia says:

    …Mi rallegro e sono felice di poterti vedere…è emozionante vedere i luoghi che stai visitando e conoscendo…e grazie a te posso anch’io sentirne la bellezza, la spiritualità che emanano…ah quanta meraviglia!


  2. roman says:

    Viel “Erfolg” beim Atmen!! klingt komisch, ist aber so… 😉
    Freu mich schon auf Deine nächsten blog-Einträge !
    Pass brav auf was Du ist und trinkst und dass Du genug isst und trinkst!!
    take care,
    Alles Liebe Roman


    • Thanx for your comment beloved bro. Here at Wat Kow Tham, I eat the most delicious food ever. It’s two meals a day,no dinner, but the food is so rich in everything this body needs to be healthy and lively that no dinner is no prob, indeed. gonna take care but also dare 😉


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