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Be (on) an Island

Dear family, dear friends!

This is just to keep you up to date. I finished the retreat at Suan Mokh. I am at Surat Thani at the moment. Breathing gently until the ferry arrives. Which ferry? The one bringing me to Kho Pha Ngan. There is another follow-up retreat which i am going to attend. It will be 7 days of Satipatthana. Ending on November 19.

You will see pictures and read stories after that. Right now the tablet battery is empty so i cannot post any. A friend from Quebec gave me his cell-phone to inform you.

Be well!


4 thoughts on “Be (on) an Island

  1. Phil says:

    got a rough idea until now and askng myself whether to follow further on… Who knows…
    Your observation around the child throwing out the plastic bag intrigued me…
    Yeah, we are in the film, but it’s also interactive – giving the illusion of choices as outer actions, guided indeed by the central filter of the personality, embedded in the essential wholeness…???


    • what thoughts did the mother-and-girl-in-train story bring up for you, my friend?

      what is personality for you? what is in, what is out?

      rough ideas are still ideas. to gain insight into the nature of things, watch their arising and passing.

      the choice of being in the present moment is not an illusion. maybe it is, and truth can still be found in it.


      • Phil says:

        hmmm, just guessing now…
        personality may be the momentary focus of consciousness that sees itself through different prevailing archetypes like in symbolon-astrology, thus giving the width of illusionary choices inside a specific road to follow in one of these parallel lives, interacting all the time and offering constantly new options of directions, but with an inherent logic…?
        So, “In” is the road the essential beiing is experiencing inside the illusionary seperated body…, “out” is when a me heads for something that in the end is not foreseen and leading away from the specific experience of oneness…?
        Words and definitions of what rather a present intuition can grasp…
        Similar words and clearer I read in Ursache und Wirkung magazine today, thinking of you…


  2. Phil says:

    I understand to just watch and let be, but more inside the material logic I would want to react peacefully (but often not quick and present enough to do) concerning a person in the train throwing out a plastic bag that harms our livving, even if ridiculously nothing compared to all the neglect of the needs of nature and our living…
    Sometimes perhaps I am not too lazy or not lacking self confidence to educate and stand up for my and our rights… One of the heart pracices is to stand up for the weak…
    It makes sense to me even if only symbolic, if I share ma values, even if not asked and observing something that goes against my believes…
    That’s the point of my travelling along with them.
    If they care or don’t care, but at least (if it is easy and possible for me) I want to talk to the child or his mother – for the sake of all and for the young creature itself – to share my hope to respect this planet that is given as a present to make this material experience…
    Even if we do not need or cannot save the planet, or if many humans or parts of the planet have to live in environmentally hardened conditions…, I want to act as much as possible acording to my knowing, and each of us can be an example to the other (also or especially when travelling and bringing your energy to so many places, that might need your input…)
    You are a messenger of present love and might encounter on your roads so many other testimonies of similar energy or people in need…
    Thanks that you are traveling there for us friends who might have liked to go on a similar mission of understanding, learning, giving, taking…, and that you might come back to start a new journey together…
    Your old and new friend, letting you now meditate for a while….


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