Koh Phangan, Sharing, Thailand

Sky is clouded, Mind is clear


Lookout from the hill (Wat Kow Tahm)

Today I rent a scooter to go around the island. Enjoy the beach. Drive. Drive. Stop. Have a drink. Chill out. Join a gong meditation with dhamma friends. Eat fresh coconut. Relax in a hammock.


Really grrreat food

The Soul Food Cafe is a wonderful place to have lunch. I had some millet salad and a pumpkin ginger soup. So delicious! The cafe is run by an Italian man and a Brazilian woman. They prepare fresh salads, drinks and teas. You get anything there, from moringa to chlorella to tempeh and all kinds of grains and veggies.

I am staying in a bungalow at a place called Golden Rock.

At times I get disoriented. Try to keep it simple Hakeem. At all times. Don’t expect anything. It’s alright.


View from the restaurant at ‘Golden Rock’


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