Koh Phangan, Sharing, Wat Kow Tahm

Wake up, have a natural shower, walk mindfully

This morning at around 5 a.m. it was pouring. I woke up, changed the body into standing position and had a natural shower on the veranda of the kuti, i.e. the hut I am staying at.


Heavenly shower

It started to rain so heavily that within the space of seven breaths this body was completely soaked. I actually took some soap because it was so wet. All the sand and salt from yesterday’s beach and sea dripped off the body.


Yes, there are spiders, snakes and scorpions around…

We concluded the retreat by eating too much and going to the beach – Haad Rin. Yes, that’s where the full moon party rocks every month. Music played there. Beach was empty, though, because it is two weeks before the next happening. With a pickup truck we went. I was the one with the driver’s licence, so it was my turn to drive. Left-side driving, exciting 🙂


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