Koh Phangan, Sharing, Thailand

Let the good times roll

Getting up. Yoga. Hop into Badehose and sarong. Walk to the beach. Meet some friends. Naturally naked swim in the ocean. Join friends at breakfast. Hmmm… Noodle soup vietnam style. Porridge with fruits.

Scooter to a barber. Have beard shaved and hair cut. Feels wonderful. So fresh! Get some apples at the market. Drive to Wat NOW Tahm to meditate.

Check out a muaythai training centre uphill. Walk on slack line. Do some pull-ups.

Amazing view over the misty jungle.

Continue driving to rock formations. Enjoy the view at the northeastern part of the island.


View over Nai Pan Yai


Better avoid stepping on that creature…

Relax at a waterfall en route. Share the market apples. Meet lovely puppies and their mother on the way.


Puppies and mom need caressing… like all beings do.

Huuuge tree next to the street near Wat Nok and Wat Pho. With spirit houses surrounding the tree. Tears of confusion run down the cheeks of a lovely girl. I can only watch.


Very big tree (53m high)


Watch the sunset at Wat Kow Tahm. Again meet some other friends there. One is going to Bali, another one to Paris, a third one (me) heading to Penang the next morning.

In the evening, a great meal at the open-air market. Padthai with omelette, vegetable samosa, and for dessert a pineapple pancake.

On the way back to my bungalow at Golden Rock I stop at Organic Chocolate House to reminisce. Think about aversion, compassion, care and caress, and about jealousy.

Eventually high-class chill out with high-quality dark chocolate. A chat with the beautiful proprietor, best wishes and the promise to be back.

Oh, such a perfect day…


Chill out with good old Plutarch at Organic Chocolate House 🙂


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