C’mon and smile… you’re in Malaysia now ;-)

The previous week has gone by with so many good things happening. I was simply unable to put it into words. Rendered speechless by the incredible friendliness and cheerfulness I encountered wherever I went.


Armenian Street, famous for its mural paintings


Mural art on Armenian Street


Meddah, a storyteller

Sitting in the minivan going to Georgetown, I meet a Norwegian dive master in spe and a girl from Rostock. We share a room and explore the town together.

The first day in Georgetown we go on foot, just to orientate and enjoy food in Little India. Get a feel of the place. Meet Helga from Graz, she has been staying here for a couple of weeks and kindly introduces us to some locations.

The next day we rent bicycles. Traffic is noisy and dangerous at times. Bicycles are not given much room and we feel vulnerable and exposed on the main roads. Besides, the bikes are too small for us. We decide to take small side streets. Riding along. In the afternoon it gets really hot and humid. Late lunch on the side of Burma Road. The Lady chef estimates the prices on the spot. We visit Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple (more pix here).


Big Burmese Temple

We go along the coast and have a coffee at Purrrfect Cat Café. This is a café with cats hanging around to be petted.


Purrrfect Cat Café. Great idea, and a ripoff.


Philosophy at its best


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