Gorgeous Georgetown

So many cultures. So many varieties of food to choose from. So many places to check out. Such an amazing time we have here!

Time flies when you are happy.


Tibetan Temple on Love Lane, Georgetown

After having explored on foot and by bike, I think it is a good idea to expand the horizon and check out the surrounding areas as well. Therefore, on Wednesday I rent a scooter to get around. No driver’s licence, no problem. Don’t get caught, that’s all. ‘You know how to drive? – Yessidosir. – Alright then.’

Move confidently into their midst.

Twenty minutes after leaving the bike dealer, I turn into Armenian Street and check out the Malaysian executive force. Neat. Tidy. Environmentally friendly. But with temperatures above 30, they gotta have a thorough sweat m8!


The three men in black are police on bikes

I can’t possibly tell everything I see on my way. Let me just say it’s an intense day with a soaked T-shirt and pond-like roads at times. Hot and humid and a lot of road covered. Getting lost and getting an overview of the city in the process of finding my way again.


Easy traffic on Carnarvon Road (chinese name: swampy road)

I drive around. I get lost somewhere in the south of the Penang island, in Jelutong. U-turn. Get lost again somewhere again. Trying to find my way. Woah man, so many three-lane jalan sehala, meaning one-ways. It’s confusing.

I rediscover the very temple we had seen when we went along with the bicycles the other day. It is up on a hill with a nice view. It starts to rain heavily in the afternoon. I spend the time walking mindfully at the adjacent gazebo until the temple opens at 4.30 p.m.


A Hindu Temple with a very long name attached to it 😉


Inside the Hindu temple

Is there still enough time to go to the Kebun bunga, the botanic garden? Sure there is. I mean, actually that was my initial intention, and the reason I rented a motosikal in the first place. Waterfall Road is just five minutes from the temple.

Immediately I feel at home here. I walk. Slowly I explore a gorge. And a Japanese garden, a herbal garden, orchid garden, a turtle lake, and a rainforest trail. Ahhhh…


A formal garden


Monkey island


Imagine the sound, the smell, the humid air…


Before I leave, i turn around and take this picture at Waterfall Road, the entrance to the botanic garden (taman botani)

After having returned the motosikal, I find my friends – like, naturally, telepathically informed – at Kassim Mustafa’s having dinner. Goes without saying I join in with a delicious roti banana and a fresh coconut. I sleep like a baby when I finally get home to Hotel Noble.


One thought on “Gorgeous Georgetown

  1. roman says:

    ja mein lieber, der botanische garten bei penang is wunderbar. ich kann mich an die unmengen schönen schmetterlinge erinnern… ach herrje


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