Malaysia, Sharing

It’s good to go

Arrangements are made to meet Linda at the hotel in the morning. We plan to go to Buddhist hermitage Lunas. It so happens that we go everywhere but that place. Instead, we find another place called Bodhi Heart Sanctuary next to a cemetery. We talk to Hor and Leonard and they both say I am welcome to live and work here for as long as I wish.

We also go to a Chinese market where on one side you get raw food, fruits, fish while on the other side you get prepared meals viz. noodles and ‘Chinese buns’, as Wong aka CJ (ChinaJapan), a physics professor at the Malaysian university, smirkingly calls them.


Farang-free fried food hall

We agree to go to Luna’s tomorrow morning. It is already 4 p.m. but anyway i take a bus to Teluk Bahang, the region where a national park is located. And who do I meet at the bus station after walking for a few kilometres? My friends with whom in stay at Georgetown. They had intended to go to Monkey beach and I knew they where around but ten minutes later and they would have gone past, sitting in the bus back to Komtar (a shopping mall area in Georgetown). Like this, I left the visit to the national park for another day and accompanied them to Red Garden, a food court on Penang Road.


…red, indeed, somebody in for a curry fish head?…

After that we spend the evening without rain, but lightning in the distance, on the roof of Chulia mansion, a hotel where a newly wedded Australian/Indian couple were staying at.


Chulia Street at night, a backpacker’s delight

What a wonderfully weird day… tomorrow I leave Georgetown and go east to Butterworth. There, I will spend a week or so at Buddhist Hermitage Lunas. Here I am now. Writing this while the other monks, nuns, samaneras and yogis are doing formal walking meditation in the rain… that just started pouring down 🙂 I arrived today and will join the group in mind training tomorrow morning.

The daily schedule is hardcore. Do not ask me why I am doing this, please. I can only tell afterwards. And there is one thing i know for sure: Ever since, it has always been worth the effort.

May peace prevail on earth.
May we live happily in peace.


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