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Expect the Unexpected… or expect nothing at all

Yeah come to think of it, don’t expect anything at all. That’s even better. Cuz expectation is a fetter. Makes you upsetter. Just think however it plays out it don’t matter.

Expectation is ‘yogi poison’ cuz it disables the mind to remain clean, clear and calm. And only if it is CCC can it see what’s REALLY going on.

I’ll give you a quick update on my last couple of days. I am staying at Bodhi Heart Sanctuary (BHS) near Penang Hill and the Botanical Garden. My staying there is not charged as long as I spend two hours a day working at the compound.

Surprising Sunday

I meet Jenny that day. She comes by to participate in a monthly ceremony held at the Chinese temple nearby. She invites me to join her for lunch and to stay at her place overnight. I spend the day at the house beach. In the evening a DVD movie and a silent night without mosquitoes.


View from Jenny’s balcony


Near the house beach


Abandoned house, allegedly haunted

Meandering Monday

I decide to visit the clan jetties. Huts built on the pier reaching about 500m out into the ocean.



UNESCO was here 😉


An exceptionally friendly family selling fresh fruit on Chew Jetty

I help the man fix a marquise. Four hands can do a job twice as easily as two, I think. I get some melon and a goodie from the curry puff uncle.


The clan jetties


Men at work

Some Chinese girls come over and want to take a picture with me on it. Why, I ask them? ‘Because you look handsome.’


Handelt es sich um ein Fahrrad?, fragte er.

In the evening I rent a scooter and go back to BHS. It is raining, of course. Tank is empty, hmm. I get lost in the dark. I have a big laugh about life, the universe and everything. I ask someone. ‘No, i don’t have a raincoat, sir. It’s a bit l8 4 that now, anyways.’ He helps me, of course. I find my way again. Finally I am home. Soaked and happy as a fish 🙂

Sweaty Tuesday

I take the scooter and visit a Kuan Yin Temple on a hill nearby.


Kuan Yin Temple




Kuan Yin statue

After that, I drive to the National Park. In Malay it is called Taman Negara Pulau Pinang. A black guy sits on a bench at the entrance. ‘Wanna have breakfast? Come on. Take some!’ Guess I need not be amazed anymore but still am.

I come to know him as a national park ranger. Later on, more NP rangers arrive and join in. So I only eat the rice with spicy gravy and pass on the fish head of somebody else. I am happy to get rid of it. He is happy to get some more prote in. Win-win.

I trek for an hour to Monkey Beach.


Monkey Monkey Beach

I relax for a while and then walk up towards the lighthouse Muka Head. On the way I meet four guys who happen to be boat captains. The tattoo on my forearm is interesting for all Muslims. It opens doors with them. They invite me to koffee and katom (a bitter tea). For NRG! as the eldest named Muhammed emphasises. I am happy to learn that they’d take me back to the entrance for free. I simply wait for them and have a coconut at the beach. On the way down I meet three lovely and helpful young germanians. They give me tips and favourites for Laos and Cambodia. Thank you Jasper, Johanna and Sophia 🙂


Trail to the lighthouse

I walk up to the lighthouse. I arrive there and walk upstairs. Nice view. Extreeemely hot.



After the trek to the lighthouse, I walk back to the beach – on the way meeting the captains again and have a chat – and i am invited by Indonesian girls who are having a picnic there. They wanna take pictures. Alright. So I think ‘you take pictures and I take food. deal.’ And certainly, there are three questions posed – where you from? you alone? you wanna marry her?

Later some agile Africans (Nigeria, Botswana, Namibia) want to have a photo session with me at the beach. One of them shares some cool pineapple with me.

Everybody who comes along waves at me and/or says hello. Without the intention to sell me anything I don’t need, that is.

At 5 p.m. the captains come back and we sit together.


Boat captains and me at Monkey Beach

Soon after we leave.



At the entrance, Ron (a hiker from KL who gets back with the same boat) obviously needs a ride so I make an offer he can’t refuse. I give him the second helmet lampenschirm and off we go to good old Georgetown. In Muntri Road, I stop at the Purrrfect Cat Café. Ron gives me his business card ‘in case i might need anything’ and i buy a PenangMuralArt T-shirt and bring back the scooter to Happy Ken in Love Lane.

I stroll around Little India. Let the day roll out in slow pace. Indian pace. Have a great dinner. Go to the Alley for a tropical punch and a chocolate truffle cake and wifi for update my loved ones 😉


Reassurances while doing business…


Free Shuttle Penang

Catch a bus home. Take a cold shower. Go to bed. Put on the fan. Turn off the lights. Breathe.


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