Bodhi Heart ♥

Here are some impressions from where I live.






Yes, it sure is a beautiful place.

I like to be here, and I like to help with the chores. Today I clean a kuti of dirt, a toilet of shit and a street of rubbish. Doing that, I presumably clean the mind of defilements.

In the morning I talk to a man who lives nearby. He is holding his daughter Sadhana in his arm and telling me about Malaysian history, about a horde of 30-40 wild boars that emerge from the jungle when the fruit vendor arrives in the evening with his van in order to distribute leftovers. He also tells me a story about a cobra that once roamed the place and was killed by the house dog. And last but not least he tells me his name means Sun. Before we split, he reminds me of the legend where Buddha soothes a wild elephant. On my way back, there is a thought. ‘Maybe the elephant was so exhausted after having demolished almost the entire village that when Buddha came along (… a goodie instead of a stick in his hand?…) the elephant laid down. And the people around were aghast and interpreted and spread the word: He bowed down! He bowed down to Lord Buddha!’ Well, just a thought.

More pictures? Go to and click the folder BHS).

FYI, the Bodhi Heart Sanctuary also has a website since 2006 with loads of videos related to dhamma.


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