National Park Penang

Lately, I spend a lot of time in nature. A couple of days ago, I went to see the National Park again. The first visit was on Tuesday.

After having a roti canai with daal and a sweet coffee for breakfast I re-enter the rainforest. This time my destination is pantai (beach) kerachut (tortoise). It takes about an hour to get there.


This passage was created with the help of hoes within 7 days…

When I arrive there a meromictic lake is seen, i.e. a lake where fresh water and salty ocean water meet. There are layers of these waters, the heavy salty water sinking below, surrounded by fresh water. Swimming is prohibited at this beach. Wouldn’t dare to go into the water anyway as there could be jellyfish.


River from/to the sea/meromictic lake

At one point on the stretch of beach there I come across the turtle sanctuary.


Young Donatello

Further back into the jungle there are several camping sites. Some are equipped with better infrastructure some are worse. I meet a girl from New Zealand and a guy from France. We talk. I think about staying for the night. But I am not prepared for it. So I bid farewell and take my leave again.


Camping in the Jungle

On the way back I see a gorge and take a quick bath before i proceed.



Refreshing water along rainforest trail


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