Sabai sabai

Once again, i am about to leave a place I have come to call home. I feel very welcome here but it is also good to keep moving. Initially, I did not intend to stay in Malaysia for a whole month. But the people here are so hospitable, so friendly and forthcoming… I do not feel like a tourist at all.

Youngsters on their way to a funeral gave me a lift yesterday. Thank you Shawn, thank you Numelen! And sorry for misspelling your names 😉 They took a photo in the car. I am glad they did. It reminded me that seldom are there any people on the pictures posted here.

So I had one taken today.


Joolz, Kimo, Hor and Noush at the office

There is a lovely little cat meowing regularly at mealtimes. ‘I am here, hey I’m here. Lemmi have some. Whatever it is. Come on. Meow meow meow…!’ It just fits into two hands perfectly and knows it’s sweet and fluffy. As you can see it also fits perfectly into a flipflop. There are other cats here as well, bigger, dirtier, with broken tails. Most probably, they are equally hungry. Still, they are not allowed into the kitchen. Privileged are the innocent babies. Until they are innocent no more.


Kucing panama nong lek (meaning a cat called lil 1)

Appropriate surroundings for 32-body-parts and decaying observation. Those familiar with satipatthana will know what I am talking about.


The whole area i am staying at is an estate which is surrounded by a Chinese cemetery


Tea House

After about two weeks at Bodhi Heart bus and boat will take me to Ko Lipe, a small island just across the Thai border. Tomorrow at 5 a.m. the bus picks me up.

I plan to stay there for a week. Other plans than that? Not really. Just. Stay. There.

Then back to Penang for a couple of days.

On December 27th Venerable Ajahn Brahm is here in Penang to guide a 3-day retreat.


I have no idea where I gonna spend the time on New Year’s Eve and with whom and what to do and I am happy not to know.


3 thoughts on “Sabai sabai

  1. Romanski says:

    ja geil, also wenn ich mir so die bilder anschau möcht ich auch hin!
    ko lipe oder ko bulon war ich glaub ich auch (mit katja damals)
    lass weiter hören, jetzt gehts endlich auf die insel seele baumeln lassen.
    freu mich voll dass es dir so gut geht. :))
    enjoy! love n’ peace.


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