Ko Lipe, Sharing, Thailand

Seele baumeln lassen

Chang beer and chips…
chocolate cake, coffeee…
cocktails and Christmas…
chillin chillin chillin…


To You All πŸ™‚

About a week I stay at the beach on KoLipe. Mind you, I wouldn’t be here without Su. She invited me to stay here for a little while. Lucky guy, me, I gotta admit. With friends like that, life is great. We explore the island, enjoy good food together, talk tacheles, have a drink (or 2), get a thai massage (ouch!) and relax at the raggae bar listening to chill out sounds and breaking waves. The boats gently rocking nearby. Stars shine above at night. Clouds cover the sky during the day.


We book a royal snolking (and snolqueen, of course) trip the other day. Yet day after day because it is not sunny enough we postpone it. We stroll around the walking street and go to the other side of the island. Only 10-15 minutes on foot. Still, motarolas and scuta taxis drive around the walking street. Eventually, on Xmas day, we cancel the trip because Su leaves a day early. She decides to believe the weather forecast, pay more than 1,000 baht to get away from the island 24 hours earlier and spend a day in Bangkok instead. Go figure. I try to talk to her but her mind is set. “The weather forecast said…’ – ‘Alright, alright…’ Later, I watch the sunset while she goes shopping. Well… everyone just wants to be happy. We choose different paths. I only wish I could be more equanimous about the people I care about.


People are friendly here. But inna different way than in Malaysia. I do get a taste of tourism around that place. It’s nothing unusual. Nothing to be surprised about.


Reminiscing the irony of what happened to Ko Phi Phi when that movie came out. The book by Alex Garland delivers a message that is only hinted at in the movie. Another Hollywood love story seems more important these days. And who wants to stir up the guilty national conscience, anyway. Kiss kiss bang bang. Cut! … Forgive me if this sounds cynical. But as most cynics say, ‘I am only realistic’. If it is true that a cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing then I am not a cynic. At least not in a Wildean sense. Cuz I know the value of a good movie, trust me πŸ˜‰ It’s just… I think it’s essential to look at something from many different perspectives and to try to see the big picture. It is what makes some people think of me as a strange person, sometimes asocial, sometimes unfathomable. It is also what others like about me, freethinking, able to dwell alone, happy to share and go into depths, still down-to-earth. (em… ok maybe that’s only the way I’d like to be seen haha)


ChiLLa CaT… a tautology, I know…

As I said before, I would not be here without Suzu. When I was in Penang we agreed to meet on the island on Dec 19 and spend a week together. I am grateful to celebrate X-mas on Ko Lipe with her. I mean, geez, who’d have thought that? It’s all happening so incredibly smoothly over here. Why not float along?! Lasciare la vita ordinare le cose.


Fresh coconut, please!


Ha Ha Ha Ppi NesS

Wishing you a wonderful, happy, peaceful and homely Christmas eve. Eat and drink well, sing and dance, and also spend a minute or 2 thinking of those who are less fortunate than you are and maybe having no one to share this evening with.

May you appreciate what you have got! May you be happy with who you are! May you be aware that there are people you love! Show it to them today! Tell them: ‘I care about you. I love you so. I am happy when you are happy.’

Is there anything better to do today than this?

I mean, apart from having a prolonged siesta πŸ˜‰


In the end, we undertake the snorkeling trip. We really do. Since the morning brings sunshine, Su decides against taking the booked flight. She changes her mind again and stays on the island instead of flying to Bangkok line day earlier. Well, I’d say it’s OK to make mistakes. And it’s OK to change one’s mind twice in 24 horus.


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