Ko Lanta, Sharing, Thailand

Lanta Love



Long tail boat


Da Crew πŸ˜€


The Rock


The Sea view of Ko Lanta Yai


Snorkeling time yippiiee πŸ˜›


Emerald Cove


The Human Temple


The Beach

Great lunch


After the boat-swimming-snorkeling-sunbathing trip i volunteer to do some work where I stay: With John, I dig a deep hole and fix up the frame of a welcome sign πŸ™‚


The way to the Phra Ae (Long Beach). I have my first pizza-beer combo there at sunset! I meet Alex from 2 nights ago. He teaches me some more Thai phrases & words.

After sunset I’m heading home. Have a shower. Listen to Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bobby McFerrin… l8r electronic house music and a live gipsy band playing their tunes around the corner…
… Evening chill out.

Decision to stay another day comes easy.

My body has two minor injuries. A cut on the right foot that came about while walking in-between the stones during low tide. And a blister on the right palm that stems from perforating bamboo with a screw driver. It’s all healing pretty fast. Within two days the wound begins to close up, with the alcohol I’m putting on it still burning like hell, though. Within a week it’s practically healed and there’s no need to put any plaster on it. I’m happy about that. Watching the body miraculously take care of itself, I mean.


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