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Look, this guy is obviously having fun

This day in my life started at 7 a.m. and ended at 7 a.m. I have been around for 24 hours and i am not tired. Energy is rushing through my body like i never imagined it to be possible. So how was my day today?

In the morning there are no plans. So I start with greeting the sun three times. I go down from ‘monkey pad’ at Chillout House on Ko Lanta. Sebastian is so kind to prepare a porridge with fruits for me. I rent a scooter and go to a place called tiger (or thaigirl?) cave. To walk uphill we go through thick jungle and at times very steep passages.


We are inside the cave for an hour.
We, this is a guide and 4 other people and humble me.


I take a dip in the swimming pool in that cave although the access ladder is broken. But that reaaally makes it interesting know what I am saying… i have to climb down and then up on the slippery slope with the help of a wet rope. Only possible in Thailand, this.


Inside the tiger cave

What’s best is there are neng mum spiders lurking in the dark.


That’s a big one spider, yeah. The thai call it ‘neng mum’ or sthg like dat

Later I check out several beaches. Go swim. Go rest in the sea.


I prefer the middle way so i choose the middle beach on west coast

Just lying flat on the surface with the arms outstretched. Letting the sea carry me. I go further south the island to explore a trail and a waterfall. Wading along the gorge barefoot.


Waterfall above brings liquid and love

I stand under that waterfall. Feeling free. Content. Meeting up with people. Exchanging, laughing, hugging. Riding back with the scooter. Meeting a couple from Melbourne. Sharing some pineapple with them. They tell me that they booked a place in Old Town. They say i ought to see it before I leave Ko Lanta Yai. I decide to join them to Old Town right away. Old town is situated on the east coast of the island. It has the characteristics of an old fisher village. While the sky turns grey and streets go black I follow their red back light through the jungle to the east coast of Ko Lanta. They introduce me to The Old Times. Invite me to a mojito. I take a pictures of hilarrious pictures in the entrance hall. When I was in Australia the people just called something ‘Best of all lookout’ and that was that. Around here they have many original ideas and weird ones, too, everything goes to attract people and sell something. Well, to admit it, there is also sometimes art just for the sake of art. But it’s seldom.


Having a walk on the main street with Cam and George, a lovely vietnamese-indian couple living in Melbourne. While strolling along with them I see people praying at a chinese temple. Bow down towards them. They are so happy. Wai. ‘Sawat dii khaaaaap…’


A moment of bliss, impermanent as it is, i wouldn’t wanna miss

I get the opportunity to cook my own pad thai jee. I guess this gotta be the sixth meal today. Please don’t ask me what time it is – i lost track of time a while ago. It goes w/out saying this was best pad thai I ever had. Cuz DIY. And ‘yeah, I gonna come tomorrow for a plate of delicious mango w/ sticky rice.’

Pit stop at chillout house where i am lucky enough to stay as a couchsurfer mouse and crash for free. Some small talk with some friends from South Africa. But this so-called chill out house, iz jus too bizzy for me taste yaknow. I mean, they have neither air-con nor fridge-on. (ok bad joke)

In the evening I dance and talk and sing and drink and take a shit. Then during night time i sit on the beach listening to wonderful tunes played by Mark from Colorado with fresh friends from all over the globe. Open-hearted friends rrady for big talk and sweet play. Maybe we’ll meet up again in Pai later on our trip. Who knows.

Late night. Starlight. Silence broken by words striking ever so softly. I am moved to tears because neglected wounds can heal. Wounds I haven’t even considered as being wounds. Maybe just soft spots. Touched by personal lyrics turning into poetry on a beach in the andaman sea.

I feel that sweaty sandy body. All that dancing dude. So I go swim again. Laughing. Watching the stars. This day feels like 3in1 and I haven’t had a single one of those today. While I am in the sea I see some guys twenty metres away. After getting out of the water and drying myself one of them comes over. Asks if someone has seen anyone because… all their stuff is gone!! Cameras, phones, purses. We were dumbstruck. In the middle of our having such a good time – the time of our lives, in fact – something like this happens nearby. It could have happened to me but I was staying with a group. They kept an eye on my valuables. I mean not those I always carry with me. For me that story shows again how close gain and loss can be. And a lesson: if there are 4 people then one should stay sober in case a driver is needed. Same applies to bathing in the sea. One stays and keeps an eye on personal belongings.

That evening had many special moments, for example when I talk to mood, a thai man, about the development of farang-thai relations during the last decade. There is a magic moment, too. That is when i am listening to Youri’s words. How grateful he is for what i have to share. That what I say cuts right through and goes straight to the heart man. Recognition. Respect. Appreciation. I say to him: ‘It takes a great man to know a great man, my friend.’ Our group just feels like welcoming and befriending each and everyone who comes by.

I can’t find my way home to the guesthouse. It’s still dark. All the restaurants and cafes at the beach look surprisingly similarly black and grey. Sunrise in half an hour or so. Kim helps me out and shows me the way. Thank you, Kim. Good night John, Mark, Youri, Alice, Travis, Alex, Davide, sleep well. I go to bed at sunrise. Three hours later I get up. It is around 10 a.m. The scooter, I gotta tell Rico that I need it for another day. So I go there. No prob. song roy baht. kawp kuun khap. What’s with this body, mate, it don’t need no sleep? Question arises and vanishes the next instant. I’ll just have a nice siesta at the beach on Ko Lanta Noi. So I have breakfast, saddle my horse and off I go to the ferry at Ban Saladin in the north of Ko Lanta Yai.

The tablet stays at the guesthouse so there are no pix of what I have seen. Not the kilometres of fine powder sand all for myself. Not a single person except me here. Crystal clear sea water. It tastes sweet-salty on my lips. Also no pix of the scenic tour of the island, the winding streets like they were made for motor cyclists, the children waving at me, the views of the sea and the surrounding mini islands I am going to visit tomorrow (4 island tour for 700 baht). So with all these events of yesterday night it is same same with the ones of this day: No pix to prevent your imagination.

Like everything, be it pleasurable or be it painful, this too has come to pass. And thus, I am sitting here reminiscing. Thank you for reading about what my Thursday and Friday was like. Thank you for taking the time. It is your precious lifetime on earth. So I highly appreciate it if you spend it with me in this way.

Peace 🙂


Sweet kat kalled Tong


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