Sharing, Sukhothai, Thailand

On the road again

When I rent the motorcycle I ask the lady if she needs a copy of my passport…

– ‘Will keep it here,’ she states.
– ‘oh … so I can’t leave the country!’ I exclaim playfully.
She smilingly responds: ‘Do you like Thailand?

Before I leave, she recommends Wat Tawet. It’s on the way and well worth a visit.



I decide to keep the scooter for another day. It’s so sweet just to drive. Oh how sweet it is! This time, I go north to Si Satchanalai. There is another historical park there as well as a national park. When I go there, I see a sign indicating that the latter is another fifty km away. So I skip it. At that very moment I am sure to miss out on some majestic waterfall. Or at least a cool refreshing freshwater pool surrounded by fantastic rock formations. Nah, all these temple ruins again. I’ve had it already!


I can’t get noo-hoo satisfaction… and at once i feel it is somehow only sweet to drive for a while. After that it becomes bitter-sweet symphony. It is getting kinda uncomfortable on that seat, you know. Yep, after an hour or so it can be quite uncomfy. And who wants that, right?! Right. I I I have the right to be comfy at all times. [‘Body, obey. Mind, shuddup. Both’o’ya, geddagrip!]

On my way to Si Satchanalai I take rest at Wat Tawet. There are many statues recounting the Buddhist legends and lore. I meet one man in robes listening to loud music – wai to him – and several painters re-goldening the wat. There are some women as well. I ask for a watermelon (tengmo) and it is cut up and offered to me in a nylon bag. 25 baht. I gobble it up right there. So stuffed afterwards. I feel like Homer in the episode he invents a bird-like device to press ‘Y’ for him. But anyway, after yet another marriage proposal somehow I manage to heave this fathom-long body on the scooter and drive off.


Some more kilometres to go to the historical park. Check out the album to see more pictures.




In the afternoon I go back along route 1113 and enjoy the green fields and sunset. When I come to the old part of Sukhothai I go straight to Wat Si Chum. During the day everybody goes there. Tourist guides and food stalls and regulations and whatnot. Now it is dusk. All empty now. Just the Buddha and me.



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