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Much has happened. Too much to put it into words. For now, let me just say that I have been to Chiang Mai and then to Pai since I last wrote something on that blog.

Two days in Chiang Mai go by so fast. Big city yet smaller than Bangkok. No chance to speak Thai. Everyone confronts me with touristhainglish. Tao knew it and in foresight had warned me about that. Thanks for that. In Chiang Mai, many English teaching opportunities. Surat Thani is a good place to teach English as well, bytheway. Check the web if you’re into that. In Chiang Mai, temples, of course. One day on bicycle. One on scooter. No guided tour. Also, I resolve not to take many pictures of temples anymore. It’s a drag after a while, to be honest.



After Chiang Mai, a week in Pai 😀

What can I say? I am lost for words. Can you imagine spending a week in the present moment? An entire week without thinking about what you’ve been doing, where you’ve been, what you are going to do tomorrow? Not caring what others think of you, not even caring what you think of yourself? Ceasing to be anyone in particular. Just going with the flow of what’s happening? Having a shower in the river in the morning and at a waterfall in the afternoon? Come here and enjoy the good life.

About my experience. Ten minutes after bus arrives I have already found a place to put up the tent i bought in Sukhothai. One or two days there and people start asking me about where to eat and where to stay because I feel so much at home with the community. No chance to read. No time to write a blog. Every day is playing out unplanned. Every day is so full. At the same time there is a sense of relaxing into emptiness. Going with the flow. Who knows what will happen in the next few hours? Who cares? No need for a calendar. No need for splitting time into segments. Sun rises. Sun sets. And everywhere I look I see a smiling face. And my own little self… I can’t stop smiling. Won’t stop feeling tingling sensations all over my body. Recognising it as love unconditional. So many beautiful people. You catch my drift… yes, drifting is allowed, even encouraged.

Being in Pai for about a week feels like being there a month. It feels like a time warp like I’ve been to another dimension of being. Synchronicity abounds. Timing always perfect. Love unbounded… slowly slowly coming down to earth from a heady existence. Laughing til the belly hurts. Savouring sweets. Spending nights at the bonfire. Looking at the stars and crying tears of joy. Getting a bamboo tattoo on my left foot actually enjoying the pain.


Right now I am sitting in a café in Chiang Rai. Sipping Thai tea with my friend Joy after a free guided city tour with the tram behind the King Mengrai monument.


In the evening we go to the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun) about ten kilometres outside of Chiang Rai.


Wat Rong Khun (check the inside pix on the web, worth it!)”

Tomorrow I leave Thailand.

Cross Mekong river.

Probly take a slow boat.

Travel Laos for about a month.

Let go of the past.

Let a new chapter begin.


Wat Phra Kaew, Chiang Rai


3 thoughts on “Thaime

  1. Romanski says:

    Dear, bro,
    Don’t know what you’re on, but yes I’d like some of that too! LOL
    savour this your bro.


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