Laos, Sharing

A week in a remote village

Stretched out in a hammock halfway between the villages Muang Ngoi and Ban Na, I listen to the river and the birds and gently stroke a tiger cat meowing his way thru this wonderful world full of wonders.

When I arrived yesterday by boat I put up my tent too soon. Two people invited me for some Lao Lao (rice liquor). It soon became clear they did so because they wanted to tell me to move to a guest house proper. So I did.

With Regis and Melanie I spent a couple of hours relaxing at the riverbank of Nam Ou. Water buffalos taking a bath and local children jumping off the cliff and a group of young fellow travellers chilling out came to join us.

The next day I left my backpack at the guesthouse and moved to the next village, Ban Na. It is approximately one hour on foot. Halfway between the villages is the aforementioned hammock. Next to Ms. Chan’s loom stall is Tham (=cave) Kang where people can go inside a couple of hundred metres with a headlamp. Some parts one has to swim.



Washing off the sweat of the walk

Ahhhh… it is so easy to be lazy in Laos. So easy. So lazy. Have you ever been here?!


Three buffalos and a fisherman


In Muang Ngoi I see women assorting local produce. On the table over there that's khao niaw, i.e. sticky rice.


Main street at Muang Ngoi

Resting during the day because it’s so hot. Resting during the evening cuz I’m so mellow. Resting during the night cause it’s dark and cosy.

Today I got a Lao massage before going to Ban Na. Soft soft.


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