Baan Na, Laos

One more day, one more day, just one more day ok

When I come to the small village who is sitting on the veranda? Jean, my Macondo friend from Chiang Mai whom I have met before, in Muang Khua. We are happy our paths cross again.

In the following days I go to Huay Bo… a village which is about 40mins away from Baan Na. Walking barefoot through mud, rivers, dry rice fields, dirt roads… to another village called Baan Phone which is about 3 hours walk from what has become my homebase: Baan Na. Mama Kham is a heartfelt authentic Mama who takes care of everything. I really got that easygoing family feeling there. Children catching sight of me pointing at me ‘farang farang hihihi’ or just waving hello. Young crews fishing in the small rivulets using ‘guns’ with three metal poles. Men go hunting every day with long rifles. Women caring cooking planting weaving … chickens and dogs and cats fooling around til they become dinner and cows pasturing in the fields without knowing.


One morning we leave Baan Na early in the morning and go with the crowded school bus to the local market in Muang Ngoi and have a spicy vegetable soup for breakfast!


On the way to the next village...


Our loyal dog always joining people who move

Nature! Nature! Nature!
Children playing on the ground.
Youngsters kicking a rattan ball over a net.
The older people sitting outside and watching village living its day.


3-hours trek to Baan Phon


Life in Baan Phon. We were served fresh meals and invited to have a siesta inside. The family was very respectful, the five children following their mother's example.


Back in Baan Na, on the evening before I leave this peaceful place


Goodbye, Jean! A bientôt mon ami.


The last picture before taking the boat to Nong Kiaw


One thought on “One more day, one more day, just one more day ok

  1. Susanne says:

    spicy soup for breakfast… hihi… just thinking of the spicy papaya salad we had on koh lipe 😉 … phew!!!!


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