Cambodia, Koh Rong, Sihanoukville

Cambodian waters

Here I am in Cambodia. Yes-la! Wallaweee!

After been there don det it is rong place rong time on a beautiful island in the west of Sihanoukville.


Cambodian diamond way to Long Beach

I like it here. Easy living. Been camping here for a week now. And although the Myanmar visa is going to expire April 19th I intend to stay for a couple more days. Why not? Meditating in Yangon or chill out – same same. The fisher village is about one hour to go from our camp. Only two of us here, Aaron and myself. Javi left the other day. Every day people come and people go. They are all so nice and so friendly.

Good that I decided to leave the big rucksack in town to bring only the essentials with me. The slow boat took about 2.5 hours to get here. Then a short hike across the hill.

Then welcome to paradise. Once again. Cuz paradise is always here and now. We all know that. It’s just some places are more beautiful than others.

Some day I walk back across the hill to the busier side of the island to get supplies and meet sleeping dogs.


Siesta well earned

Also to meet old and new friends and have a shower and get fresh fruit salad, ice coffee and ingredients to cook campfire meals on Long Beach. Further up the beach a survivor’s camp is set up for a TV show. Next to it there is a resort charging $100 per night. I am sitting in the adjacent bar-restaurant now writing this, having a pizza verdura and an Angkor beer with two Israeli-German couples. Prost! Lechaim!


One night I am presented with an opportunity and I take it. Perfect set. Perfect setting. Love is all around. So I lick my hand. Bitter. During the next 12 hours I find this world and myself dissolving, I laugh so hard my belly hurts at this cosmic joke, I feel the blood rushing through my body and the chi of the mind, with a flashlight I watch a crab struggling up the beach with its house, see lightning flash and grasp the concept of heaven, lasers between the boats in the distance, ocean waves breathing along with me, smouldering worms and reptiles curling up in the bonfire, naturally naked swim in the fluorescent ocean at 3 am, clouds morphing and a deep understanding of what it’s all about: the modesty of stating that I do not understand at all and it’s alright 😉


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