Cambodia, Koh Rong

Koh Rong right?! That’s gold mate!


Good morning Kimo

Iz really really funny. I keep running into people I have met weeks and months ago in a different country. Twice it so happened that I entered a country in the north (Lao on 20/02 Cambodia on 20/03) with a group and met them again before leaving the respective country in the south. Serendipitousynchronicity abounds.


Our camp on LongBeach

This morning I crossed the hill to the main beach on Koh Rong with the intention to leave. I missed the boat by five minutes. I just laughed. Sat down with a fresh fruit salad. Smiled at the ocean. Chill out for some time. Charge batteries.


After licking each other they enjoy some cuddling hours together. What a life!

And lo and behold, the very same friends i trekked in the jungle around Luang Namtha (Laos) pass by the bar i am sitting in! Guess I will stay for some more days, then. Myanmar calling… but it has to wait. The visa for Myanmar will expire in a fortnight. I do not know if I am going to be granted 28 days or just the remaining days until April 19th. Maybe someone can find out? I am on beach mode. Lazy mf.

Yesterday there was a lunar eclipse (!) and full moon on a beach full of fluorescent plankton. It was utterly unexpected. Took all of us by surprise. As it was quite dark the sky was full of stars and the sea was full of lights and the body full of warm blood. The next night we could see a circle of light around la luna. It looked like a halo or corona. Stretched out on the sand we tried to figure out what it is and how it could be.


If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is… infinite. (W.B.)

I also met two new friends. One from Nepal (Aneil) and one from good ol Germany (Julian). They were both looking forward to their meditation trips near Udon Thani. We had an exquisite curry for dinner and exchanged on dhamma topix. Ahh … so happily we live!

Now I am on the main beach. Music surrounds me. People. Sounds from the TV set. Taxi boat offers. Piiizza piiizza and beer and free shots on the way.


'...maybe you should drive...'

So many stories to tell. So much happening. At the same time nothing much happening. Well you catch my drift… if not, no bloody worries mate.


Sunset on Long Beach... and preparation for cooking dinner

May your time on earth be full of lifelife. May your death be full of lightlight. May you enjoy every fresh moment.


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