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Back in Bangkok

Just in time for Songkran in mid April I am back where I started my journey almost half a year ago. Bangkok or กรุงเทพ (Krungtep) as it is also called around here. Third time I find myself in this metropolis. Each time it gets less and less intimidating. Each time I find it easier to accept the fact that it is 50 % hot – 50 % traffic.

I can’t get a bus ticket to Myanmar before April 13th so I take my time at the Jatujak Weekend Market this afternoon.

Before dusk it starts to drizzle. Beams of light shining through holes in the clouds and perforating the tree tops.

Everything around us is a great mystery. I am a great mystery. You are a great mystery. In a way very sacred too. (Sajadaw U Jotika)

Nature whispers: The best things in life are for free… yet human eyes get fixed on products when the mind is in shopping mode.


C'est une illusion comme un rêve sans sommeil / changes de perception car il faut qu'on s'éveille (Dub Inc)


My painting carries with it the message of pain. (Frida Kahlo)


What you deserve is what you get / You wanna know now but you don't know it yet. (Seeed)


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