Bangkok, Thailand

Astrological passage สงกรานต์


Let’s get it oooon 😛


Three smiling girls near Chao Phraya river


Khaosan Road transforms into Khaosan River


Wash of all the dirt of the past. Cleanse the body. Clear your ♥. Be refreshed by the elixir of life. Buckets, pistols and bazookas filled up with icy water. Right inna your face. Wake up wake up. Get soaked. Have no worries. Wake up! Love is all around. Let it in. Let it flow. Let all conventions go. Feel free. Touch for peace. Just be! Yeah! Happy New Year!!! สวัสดีปีใหม่!!

Sometimes people ask me when I will go home again. Then the first thing that comes to mind is always: Well I am home. I feel at home here in South East Asia. And like I said be4 I am so confident everything turns out lovely. Nothing can happen. I am safe.


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