Burma, Mae Sot, Mawlamyine

A very wet road trip


Border-X-ing @ Mae Sot

In general, Myanmar is calm. People are super friendly and extremely helpful.

And yet…I am writing this at a guesthouse in Hpa-An. Suddenly I hear a thud in the distance, sounds like a detonation. My seat shudders for a second. What was that?! A young girl comes and turns on the TV.

… …

Two weeks ago I entered the country overland. It was a piece of cake, really. Took a bus from Sihanoukville to Bangkok. Stayed there for Songkran festival and left as soon as I could. Songkran being Songkran, we got completely soaked as we went through the villages. Here are some impressions.


Old friends having a chat


Many buckets were not thrown on us but right onto our luggage. Funny, yes, in a limited sense. Once you dont give a shit anymore you dance along…


Tire asti gate gate paragate parasamgate hehe


Problem. Solution. Ten minutes.


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