Burma, Mawlamyine

Some impressions of Pa-Auk Tawya Monastery

I went out searching for liberation in the forest, but that turned out to be crazy, because the truth is within oneself.

(Ajahn Buddhadāsa)


Dark grey boulders, lush green landscapes, and a big blue sky


Oh how I love to walk in nature and explore hiking trails!

Today I spotted many many animals. A frog sat on my left flipflop when I returned from the upper dhamma hall. A cock wandered around just outside my kuti. A squirrel came down from the forest to where I was practising walking meditation in the afternoon. A spider rested in its web’s centre. A bird flew right above me into the tree tops. An ant tried to crawl in between my toes and I wouldn’t let it. Four cute puppies licked my hands like their mommy’s tits and I’d let them. A butterfly stroked the earlobe of a man walking in front of me. A cat sat next to a nun having lunch. A mosquito found its way into my mosquito net cell. So many animals… and as for the humans, they’re spitting coughing burping farting chatting like there’s no tomorrow. Which in fact there is not – it’s always today.


Foundation for another building, maybe a new dhamma hall?!


Joey (Manila) and some bearded guy


*chirp chirp chirp*


Sunset from a hill near Pa-Auk Tawya Monastery

Days go by really fast here.

Two substantial meals per day. Eight hours meditation per day. A walk uphill to watch the sunset. Some chanting. Sound sleep. Some say: ‘If you want to live a spiritual life all you need to do is to go to bed early and get up early.’

That’s it? Maybe it is. It’s a good start for sure.


2 thoughts on “Some impressions of Pa-Auk Tawya Monastery

  1. Susanne says:

    While reading your reports and seeing the wonderful pics, I feel like escaping from the office. At least for a moment….. 🙂
    Be happy you strange and at the same time so well-known bearded guy!!!


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