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Exploring Chaungtha

Given that there was no free room or the owners had no license to host foreigners I listened to a man who suggests the Tourist Police as people who might be helpful. Tonight is the third night since the kind police at the InfoPol Station as I have come to call it grant me a safe haven.


Tourist InfoPol

Chaungtha is a crowded place on that weekend in particular:
Friday, May 1st is Mayday.
Saturday is Vesakh and FullMoon
Sunday is Sunday.


The sign translates circa: 'We all must die. So be nice.'

I arrive on Saturday afternoon. I get only a wooden floor to sleep there but hey, I have slept on concrete slab and straw mat and on an inflatable mattress in a park… ! And these police – I was inclined to ask them for their badge cuz i couldn’t believe it – they were so incredibly hospitable and friendly. I think I mentioned this in another post already.

On Monday most of the people have left. Buses to Pathein and Yangon were packed with local tourists. It really is a place set up mostly for the locals.


I found some gold on the beach!


Three huts, a child, and a hotel


Yep. That's a lotta rubbish.

Across the place where I found shelter (Tourist Info) there is a souvenir shop. The owner is a most helpful and honest man. His name is U Aung Shwe. We became friends during my short stay there. I visited him time and again. He took me on his scooter to show me around the place and drive me north of the town. It was also Aung Shwe who arranged a bus ticket to Yangon for me. The most comfortable bus ride I ever had. And it brought me downtown, not the Dagon-Eya Bus Station in the Northwest of the 10mio. metropolis.


U Aung Shwe shows me around Chaungtha Beach with his motorbike

I can hardly believe I have left Pa-Auk Tawya Monastery only a week ago. It seems veeeery long ago. The trip from Hpa-An and the night incognito there… Before that, the three days in Hpa-An with many impressions and many surprises… I remember well that boy running after our tuktuk as we are about to leave the water lake to give us two cold cans of Chang for our ride!

Three nights in Hpa-An. One night in Yangon. One in Myaungmya. Three nights in Chaungtha Beach. Very different experiences. As diverse as it gets.


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