Burma, Chiang Mai, Mae Sot, Thailand, Yangon

Ride on man, right on!

Geeez.. these days I get around…

After only oneday in Mandalay I head back to Yangon with a night bus. Arrival in the early morning. I buy a ticket to the Thai border town MaeSod and wait at the station the whole day. Put up the hammock there. People smiling and laughing. Them Burmese homies never ever seen a guy spending a day in a hammock at the highway bus station.


The station with the yellow banners... that's where i put up my hammock for 13 hours

It’s too hot to do anything anyway. To chill is hardcore in the lyrical and impossible in the literal sense. I am there the entire day reading, sleeping, getting out in the heat to take some steps and drink something, get some food into the system, then stroll back home to the hammock. In the evening the bus leaves with 3 hours delay. It’s the third night in a row spend in a train/bus.

I arrive in Maesod in the heat of the day. Within ten minutes i find a bro to let me call Albert who lives here. We meet at Heaven Café next to the border bridge. Until he arrives I take a quick shower Thai style at the coffeeshop toilet and order a chocolates-strawberry shake.

Twenty minutes afterwards he arrives. We exchange stories for a while after which he drives me to a great vegetarian food place. Oh how good it is to eat safe and tasty food again after two weeks of Burmese filthy and boring white rice fodder! Albert brings me to the bus station at Maesod. The bus to Tak leaves in only ten minutes. From there I will take a bus to Chiang Mai and arrive in the evening. Meet my friend Jean who let’s me stay at his place for a couple of days.


Backyard of Jean's place at Chiang Mai. Bathroom hut.


Jean's dwellings. I sleep upstairs. It smells good. Lynchee trees all around. Lovely neighbours selling textiles.


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