Bangkok, Thailand

Suvarnabhumi – Sheremetyevo – Schönefeld

0902AM. Twenty minutes before boarding starts on the plane to Moscow. I sit at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Munching crunchy monkey cashew almond granola and sipping lactasoy. A guy walks by. His right arm and left knee are bandaged. Probably a motorcycle accident, who knows?! On the night bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok I watched ‘Interstellar’. To see a movie after seven months of travelling is gripping, of course. But it’s all too obvious where the directors and actors show their true nature: it is a big show to keep you entertained. Here at Gate E3 the seats are purple. I am clad completely in blue. It’s 0909AM now. In Pai, I read the first chapter of ‘White Tiger’. I also got an email from the city library. They offer me a job in July. This is good. The plane to Moscow will arrive in the afternoon. Then I have two hours in the world of the ruble. Nothing going for a guy like me. Guess I’ll just sit there and gaze into nothingness. 0915AM. Boarding begins. At this very moment a thought enters the mind – i remember someone confided in me that she once got to the airport and checked in and then did not board the plane. Well what can you do? It happens. Maybe too much gazing into nothingness? It is 0920AM. Guess I have bothered you enough with my ramblings. ผมไป.

The flight is kool to the max. Not only because outside it’s -50°C and I am in wonder above the clouds at 36000 feet. With ultimate Sunset Beach Chill out sound in my ears and a window seat and the seat next to me free. A vegan Thai/Indian meal that I had ordered via online check-in. I wonder what it must be like to be one of these business class persons? I have so much space. With a smile, ‘Mr Weiss, specially prepared for you’ a blonde Russian stewardess serves me a magnificent meal consisting of tofu-potato-daal & naan, salad and fruits and after that coffee. Yeah, right, they could serve it in something more classy than a plastic cup. But I come home from Asia so I’m used to that. I enjoy this flight very much, indeed. Going home. To my family, to my friends, to my loved ones. I am happy. Sad-happy.


Hello Kabul. Good evening Delhi.


Veggie meal on board... hmm? ahhh.. some tomato juice, please.


My first jetlag! Jippie. I feel like Fight Club. So i put on my pink glasses. Instantly, I giggle.


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