Budapest, kisközert

The time i spend in Budapest. Unforgettable. I arrive at the állomás (bus station) where Edit picks me up. After a ten minute walk we arrive at her place which strikes me with its Japanese style, so wonderfully simple and easy. Also, good smell because of the special incense. How I love Japanese incense! Her friend Geza picks her up later, presenting flowers as he enters the flat. It’s their anniversary, and he did not forget this special day 🙂

The next morning we go to the Turkish bath, and after two hours of sauna and bath we are ready to explore the city mostly on foot and villamos (tram), but also by boat to cross the Danube at one point. Basilika, Synagogue, National Museum. At Vegacity, we have a király (Royal) vegan lunch. Later, we pick up Geza at Batthyánytér and we have some pancakes for desszert. As mentioned, we take the boat across the Danube because there is construction work at the metroline. We pass the Parliament with a statue of Andrassy, a Hungarian leader.

Along the Danube river bank we take a ride with the villamos and get off at the Marriott Hotel and walk to the square close to Budapesti “Mariahilfer Straße”. From there, we take the metro line 1 – old, old school! being the oldest metro line in Continental Europe – to Andrassy út. We pass by the House of Terror (Nr. 60) where I have the chance to see a piece of the Berlin wall and next to it a piece of art titled vasfüggöny (iron curtain). History casts a shadow over our afternoon. After some time we find a café to take some rest from all the walking and talking. Hmm… nice and warm inside 🙂

Bakje troost met Geza en Edit

Questions arise while we sit there and sip our coffee. What does this mean? How do you say … in magyarul? What’s the word for x,y,z? When was Budapest founded? What were the early settlements in the era of the Roman Empire called?

Last but not least, we go to the Opera and then have some top food at the Hummusplace before we end up at térv B – which often enough becomes térv A – and then head home, végre (finally), cuz I am pretty tired. So many impressions.

Volt egy király nap! 


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