A short stop in Berlin, then upup’n’away to KL

​Before taking the plane to Kuala Lumpur I spend a day in Berlin. Upon my arrival at Konrad’s place, food is served. Nice 😀 We talk what’s new and then decide to check out Deutsches Hitorisches Museum in order to see an exhibition about colonialism. It’s an interesting array of various pieces of art, artifacts, and explanations. The latter are not entirely cleared of colonial perspectives, though, and the irony of showing cultural legacy next to colonial usurpers is a striking feature. Even so, racism is, in fact, addressed as a socio-political and economic issue and questions raised as to why buildings and roads are named along colonial hierarchy structures. Konrad is appalled by the fact that the Nassis are mentioned in a simplified narration as a group separate from the german population and thus, creating yet another barrier to an appropriation and deeper understanding of historical events of one’s own parents and grandparents. I am reminded of Art Spiegelman’s excellent graphic novel Maus.

The next day I take the plane to Abu Dhabi, then another one to KL. The feeling to be on the move aka travel mode turns me on. It’s strange. I cherish those hours of flight, those bardos of being not-yet-there. It’s an excellent opportunity to rest in the present moment. Of becoming aware of one’s expectations. Once I have arrived there is sometimes a brief moment of sadness and clarity as well because of being reborn, in a way, as someone who has arrived and now must decide how to deal with free choice.

I cherish those hours of flight, those bardos of being not-yet-there

It’s strange, somehow. Having arrived at KL Airport I ask myself what I am actually doing here. Given that I did not leave because I had nostalgia nor the need to get away from my home country (like last time) there is no room for any excitement. No exuberance. No feeling of being free as a bird. I am still earth-bound, or rather, yet again 😉 and it seems to be a simple fact: Well, here I am. In Malaysia. Been here before… as a different person, though. Waiting for about four hours until Joy arrrives. Feeling tired as soon as I put down the luggage and settle down. Sleep for two hours. Get some drink. Patience is a paramis. Then, Joy arrives from Amsterdam. Happily, we hug.


2 thoughts on “A short stop in Berlin, then upup’n’away to KL

  1. Yvonne says:

    Hi Mike, nice pictures! And I am really satisfied that you have been happy again when Joyce arrived. 😉
    We miss here deeply.


  2. R. says:

    some parts of your “musings” ring very true to me.
    like being in transit and not yet there, the feelign of anticipation of things to come.
    and when you are finally there i can’t help to feel a bit disappointed and .. yes ..sad . that my state of limbo/not needing/having to do something is over.
    mmmhh… !entonces !? … i wonder: what next? … got to get to the next picture, always.
    big love my brother.


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