Jerantut, Kuantan, Malaysia

GoingGoingGoing… Gone.

It’s been several weeks since my stay at Dhamma Malaya. You may read about it in the previous three articles I posted. I am going to post some photos here to illustrate briefly how the journey went on.



Two nights at the beach – one in the tent and one on the kitchen floor of Thom’s cabin.

Unfortunately, the pavilion to the left does not prevent our tent to be flooded during the night

Lovely time with Thom, Maymay, Lya, Josy, Joy, and of course Senna, the magic jungle cat. The third day, the sun is shining again, the clouds have passed away.

So happy to be outside again after all those rainy days we are enjoying the Tongkang Bay.

Hi, I’m Senna, the magick jungle kat, your personal chill guru … 😉



A friend tells us it’s impossible to go north to visit the islands near Terenganu right now. So we decide to go west and try… but due to unfavorable weather conditions, also the National Park (Taman Negara) is inaccessible. Too much rain also in this area. Roads are flooded.

Since Chinese New Year is approaching also in Jerantut (south of the entrance to Taman Negara) it is not that easy to find a place to stay. Luckily, we are spotted by Yen, a compassionate nun, at a Mahayana temple. Surprisingly, she invites to stay overnight. We help them packing up sweets, meditate, and go to sleep early.

At Dhamma Vihāra, Jerantut, we bid farewell to our friendly host…

   … and leave Jerantut with the intention to go to Malacca. This plan, however, we change because everyone goes there during Chinese New Year and thus, we don’t get a bus ticket. Instead, we decide to go north after one night in Bangk… errm… KL.

On our way back to KL. We were told that if we’d wait with departure, we might be stuck in Jerantut because of inundated roads


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