Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron HiLands



Bob the local dog. He is our loyal canine companion on the jungle trails, joining us for about six hours through the thicket. When we meet other hikers he stays with us and poses for a photo from time to time. After visiting the Chinese temple (watch the video!) he gets his reward in form of ayam goreng (fried chicken) which he gracelessly yet gratefully devours in one gulp.


After a long trek in the highlands we reach first the clouds and then the summit ‘Bukit Brinchang’ (2092m). On our way downhill we are rewarded with this splendid view of lush green nature. Someone gives us a ride to the next tea plantation where we have a chocolate cake and a carrot cake… and a cup of tea, of course 😉


Surreal Estate – your postcard pic

Yeah there’s the two of us happy, just before reaching the peak called Bukit Brinchang. You might not be able to see it but it’s rainy & muddy and with every step higher it also gets more mistyrious


On a jungle trail near Tanah Rata 🙂


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