Ipoh, Malaysia

Vihāra Buddha Gotama

Finding the place in Temoh (close to Ipoh) sounds easy in the beginning but in fact it isn’t, and that’s maybe intended. I found VBG after the local bus driver decided to let me stop at the nearby Mahayana Buddhist Temple called ‘Buddha Hill’. This photo is taken from there.


Seven well-fed dogs guard the compound and enjoy a happy life at the Vihāra


Time is an illusion, albeit a persistent one


The meditation hall. Given that there are five (!) clocks in the room and we are bowing down before and during and after the chanting session it almost seems as we are bowing down to the digital clock. Made me smile 🙂


What I like about my stay is that the abbot (Ven. Dhammavuddho) and the monks take me along on their almsround in the towns nearby. I encounter so much generosity… especially by elderly people. We also bring some of the offerings to poor Indian families in the area. For the trips to and fro, a van is used as the Vihāra is located in a quite remote area.

Here is a short video…


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