Langkawi, Malaysia

ReifReif für die Insel

Namo tassa kelapa sammarefreshingla

There are days and weeks I don’t feel like writing a lot. I have filled up my first diary now. Still, most of it i find it unworthy to put it out there. Ruminations too abstract, insights too personal, ideas only half-baked, trains of thought ‘too self-conscious’, as my beloved bro refers to my investigating and sometimes overly reflective nature.

It’s times like these that I take refuge in the coconut, and comfort in bowing down to fine grains and salty waters – and distant mermaids. Yogis can do their suryanamaskara. I bow down to kelapas 😉 It helps ground meselif.

Riding with a scooter we stumble across the ‘travelling’ night market several times during our stay. It’s one thing to be lucky, yet another to know how to be grateful, and yet another how to make best use of luck when it strikes.

Recently I take fancy in recording short videos. It’s a convenient shortcut. Sums up what i experience here. Except sounds (as I add music for your convenience and entertainment) and smells (burnt trash, sweaty armpits, fresh frangipani, street dogs, food of course, well you know, the entire asian package…) and temperatures (supermarket fridge A/C, beach sauna, rain-forest worth its name).

Someone’s happy at Telaga Tujuuuuuh (Seven Wells)


Now, dear friends, enjoy the video!



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