Lundu, Sarawak

Workaway at Lundu

View from our resort (construction is planned to be finished end of 2017)

I wake up at sunrise today and walk a short distance along the beach to collect trash the tide has washed up on the shore. The air is still mild but it will become very very hot at around 8 a.m.

We are still in Sarawak. We leave our base camp at Check-In Lodge in lovely Kuching to go to Bako National Park and Semenggoh Wildlife Centre to see orangutans.

A mother with her baby in the forest of Borneo

With the arrival of May we decide to try the online volunteer-platform workaway for the first time. We find a place near Lundu which is located 90km west of Kuching. Along with other volunteers from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, Great Britain, Canada etc. we tend the garden, sand and paint window frames, clean the beach, and care for Bonnie.


Bonnie needs food, water, walks, regular showers, and pain killers for her left ear which got split in half during a fight with another bitch

The project aims at supporting the conservation, protection and habitat preservation of endangered wildlife species. In other words, part of the revenue goes to Project Orangutan and other well-established projects in the area.

Gardening is my chosen task; weeding and watering…

… planting new seedlings, changing the landscape, designing nature

Joy enjoys painting

For about two weeks this is my homebase from which my friends and I explore the surrounding area: Beaches and Waterfalls, National Parks and Wildlife Centres. More about this in the upcoming posts. Today we leave Kuching in order to hitchhike to Sabah. Since I’ve heard from various sources that pirates are in the east of Sabah I am going to avoid these areas and skip scuba diving at Semporna (East Sabah). Anything too close to the Philippines just doesn’t seem safe at that moment in time.


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