Just before I left Kota Kinabalu to go to Bali, I enjoyed a day at the beach of Pulau Sapi. This lovely island is located in the north of KK. It can be reached by boat within 20 minutes.


In the evening I was lucky to meet an extraordinary man. His name is Huang Poh Lo. You might have heard of him. Be sure to check out his website (and facebook page if you’re into that)


He greeted me and I sat down to talk with him. We ended up talking for two or more hours. He taught himself Chinese and over the last two decades became a professional calligrapher and photographer.





One thought on “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  1. markusberndhanser says:

    Hello, Michi!
    Yes. Leiwand. Your blog is a good testimony of your present life in south eastern Asia. What is your destiny out there? Do you feel at home or is your trip a part time experience?
    God bless, Markus


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