5 misconceptions about pain

1. Pain is a problem. It is important to avoid it. It is a signal not of change but an alarm signal that something is terribly wrong and you should do something about it at once. But how to change the posture without looking like a pussy?

2. Pain is a prerequisite for liberation. You need to pull through in order to reach the final goal of full liberation. Remember. The First and Foremost Rightly Self-Awakened One was able to sit for weeks on end and you’re not even able to sit for one hour? C’mon, dude.

3. Pain is an endurance test. If you can stand it long enough you will be rewarded by a free flow later on. The longer you can sit and bear with the pain, the more adept you are and the stronger is your equanimity. Obviously.

4. Pain shows if you are progressing on the path. Only new students experience painful sensations. Old students have no pain. They are beyond pain. Teachers have reached another level. They cut through the pain with their laser-sharp one-pointed mind like a hot thread glides through butter . It’s an enigma, a mystery. You have to accept it.

5. Pain simply points to the fact that you are not practicing seriously enough. Try harder. Sit straight. Don’t slump. Fool!



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