A short note on eating

Maybe this is rough stuff. May you find some gems in it 🙂

I get the feeling…or is it a thought… let’s say a thought-feeling that I am slightly obsessed with food over here. Obsessed with eating as with not-eating. Where do I get proper food? What shall I eat? On the one hand, I could eat all day long but on the other hand, I simply do not get anything but white rice and noodle soup and junk food stalls. 7eleven, 4get it! The worst! There is really nothing in that store that proves to be real food.

At street stalls, all they offer is pork, fish, chicken, pork, fish, chicken. Rice with omelette. Fish soup (mohingar). It is even hard to find potato without some meat mixed with it. Oh God! And that’s what people are eating? As if there was nothing but animals to eat on this planet. The fruits are degraded to become shakes with so much crushed ice it counts as fraud to call it fruit shake. I can’t quite believe that because whenever I was invited to eat a meal with a family the food was delicious and there was plenty of fruits & vegetable options to choose from. Or maybe that was just to impress me? But then, I am not such an important guest. I guess the only way to eat properly throughout travels in South East Asia is to cook oneself.

Apart from family and friends food is another reason to be happy about coming home again.

This can be rebutted with the statement: Why make such a big fuss about it if you remember what becomes of all the food in a couple of minutes and hours after chewing and swallowing it? Then again: Why kill other sentient beings (or look the other way and let others do it?) for a short taste if it all turns to shit finally??


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