“The Buddha’s Dhamma is akaliko – timeless. The reason we haven’t reached it yet is because we have lots of times: time for this, time for that, time to work, time to rest, time to eat, time to sleep… Our whole life turns into times, and as a result they don’t give us a chance to see the truth clearly within ourselves. So we have to make our practice timeless. That’s when the truth will appear in our hearts.’
-Ajaan Fuang Jotiko-


Whatever experience I have here and however intense and magic this time of my life may be… it passes away. It slips away through time. Or time slips away – how? Minutes and hours and weeks and months always refer to not-now. They lure me into believing I am early or late. Stress: Not being where you wanna be. Not wanting to be where you are.

First and foremost: Not being able to be fully where you are.

Everything is bound to change, anyway. I am bound to leave a place to go somewhere else. What is this ‘somewhere else’? An idea. I am here… wherever I go. Surroundings change. And I change, too. Time is measuring movements. It’s a frame of reference. Bound up with the idea of space. Space as yet another frame of reference. now tell me, Hakeem, what is a frame to you without a picture, without content?

This is what timeless means to me. The dhamma is as empty as it gets. Because it refers to all. It is a frame of reference for everything and thus, for nothing. Eventually, the four noble truths – understood as action&result – all get crystallized in one simple and profound truth: nothing is worth being clung to, so let go, let go, let go of everything.


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