Bhava – Jāti – Dukkha

Often heard, read, and wondered about it. Investigated, questioned, and contemplated it. Now slowly it dawns on me. This juxtaposition of pop culture and sacred imagery gets the message across. Which message? The one concerned with the concept of bhava, ‘birth’.

Continuous stimulation is necessary not to feel the void. The ego-sense  is born every time I engage in an activity that is aimed at something or other. Any intentional action or reaction is kamma. If it is provoked by a sense contact or mental object it produces feeling, thirst clinging. And yes, birth. Birth of an ego of the moment. This is happening way too fast to be aware of it. It’s like falling down from a tree and trying to count the leaves as you fall. Impossible! All you get to experience by way of everyday consciousness is a big thump! as you land on the ground.

This could point to what Sartre had in mind when he talked about projecting myself (my self) into the future – all the time! If for a moment I do not project I am inexistent. And that is scary! But no one is there to be scared. So almost immediately ‘I’ am back! And interestingly enough his book is titled ‘L’être et le neant’. Ça peut pas être coïncidence. Sartre also wrote a book called ‘Ekel’ with an astonishing section of that scariness when he rode in a bus one day and experienced existentialism in undiluted dosage.

Bhava – Jāti. Remember this link.


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