Dhamma Hall, Dukkha Hell

Two cats, one mouse…

… and a large marble dhamma hall floor with nowhere to hide…

… that’s what I come to witness this morning.

To interfere with the natural process or not to interfere?



Same goes for the practise…

… wanting to become better at it…

… or just letting it be as it is?

The whole story about ‘no preferences, the Zen teachings of the third patriarch, it’s rather confusing.

What league do I wanna play in? (on this topic see the page ‘By way of a simile’)



We can really take something so precious and turn it into a self-made hell by trying to become ‘somebody’. By doing so, we turn paradise into hell. We are walking in the kingdom of god every day and don’t take notice because the body is here but the mind is ‘there’.

What a pity.


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