Earth Heart


Maybe I have to be far from home to realise: What matters most is not where I go or what I do. What matters is the intention behind every little thing. The noblest action on the surface can have at its base the most egotistic motivation – and this is what it will lead to: more ego, less happiness and less joy in life. No matter what it looks like, the result will be more boundaries, less harmony.

In the end, the final round, it’s only about what’s written on my heart, not about the accumulated sense experiences throughout my life. It is all about the heart: is it peaceful or is it not peaceful? That’s all that matters eventually, and in between, and all around.

When I am inwardly safe I am basically safe. And when I am in peace with the world the world will be in peace. Until then, the daily struggle continues.

Not being at ease is disease. Not being at home in my heart keeps pushing me go places.

So why not start doing all things for their own sake, not for some separate purpose. Same with life. Looking for a purpose in life: What for? It only contributes to discontentment, doesn’t it? The purpose is to be alive and awake. ALIVE! AWAKE!



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