What’s it all about

Dear Friends!

Dear Family!

Dear All!

The intention of this blog is to serve as a travel log.

Its title is inspired by a wonderful music album by Banco de Gaia.

You will read what I come across here in Southeast Asia. How I perceive it. What I make of it. How it changes me. I write about experience. I try to keep it simple. Reflecting on what happens is part of it. That is what the pages are for. So what goes on outside, if you like, is what you find in posts held in humble prose. What goes on inside of me is what the pages are intended for. It all gets kind of mixed up in the end, though. This is good! It means it doesn’t matter at all where you plunge in. You can start anywhere.

You will learn something about me. About the journey. About buddhism – with a small b. Thus, I call into being a world of imagination, fantasy, and philosophy. I call into being a world that needs time to be cherished. I call into being a world that belongs to all of you who dare to enter the void like a lion.

To enter the void like a lion. What does that mean?

To me it implies being ready not to understand at once. It means being patient. It means finding within oneself the leisure (die Muße) to dwell without wanting experience to make immediate sense.

I will publish the part of my travel experience I find worth sharing. I will do my best to only write by heart. To only write what I truly experience.

Please be aware – and bear with me – that this experience is always marked by blind spots. There is so much I cannot see until I come to know it. Please also understand if I don’t post anything for some days. As is, quality of message is related to quantity of words in a way intellectuals tend to call inversely proportional. Too many words hide the message.

Some guy made a point stating: most problems arise because of things of which we do not know that we do not know them. Meaning me being ignorant of my own ignorance. I would add that the things we are ignorant about are often the exact things of which we think we know most of ;-).

To quote Ajahn Buddhadāsa: 

The stupider you are, the cleverer you think you are!

Furthermore, the things we do not know about (but THINK we do) are the exact things that make us and the people around us miserable. For that reason, please let me know – in a kind and straightforward manner – if i sound a bit too sure about something. I highly value maybe-logic!

To make up for all the prosaic prose stylee I will post colourful as well as some horrific pictures, and that’s something, right?

Everything you may find here – pearls of wisdom, utter nonsense – you may put it in your pipe and smoke it. It refers to the experience here and now. The experience of a perceiving, comparing, judging mind of someone who is in love with wisdom and not get into preaching or too much abstract thinking – a foible of mine.

Experience becomes MY experience as soon as i make it so. To that extent, it gets heavy by creating a persona (mask) out of it. If I choose not to carry it around, there is no need for a persona. Instead, there’s always more than enough space opening up for fresh experience. Otherwise, the house gets crowded soon. Chances to learn are missed or dismissed right away. Consequently, the ego is inflated by its referring to ‘my experience’. What a waste. So, my dear friend, try to avoid becoming a waste dump by ‘accumulating’ experiences. Don’t get too involved in any story your self tries to weave.

Just enjoy the ride!

 Ah yes, if you are in the mood for gallery or self-made youtube videos, please click me.




4 thoughts on “What’s it all about

    • hakimomatata says:

      Of course, I remember our meeting while going to TBS. Happy you paid a visit to my blog 😀 Enjoy your week, dear Ibrahim!


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