Get out of the Matrix, Enter the Zone

No Show Outside. Not In The World Out There.

The Stage Is Right Here. Inside Everyone Of Us.

No One To Blame In Case You Don’t Like What You Perceive.

Turning Away Won’t Help. Zapping Won’t Help, Either.

Change The Channel And Still It Is The Same Perceiver.

Wherever You Go, There You Are.

With All The Ideas About The World So Far.

Get To Know Them To Let Them Go.

Start With Ideas About Yourself.

Once You Feel The World Is Your Reality, You Are Liable For Its Creation.

It Will Make More Sense.

Then You Will Be Able To Let Go Of Ideas About It.

Then Let Go Of The Idea ‘World’.

The Postulation Of A Self Vanishes.

No Up Keeping Of Self.

No Source Of Problems.

Nothing Lost, Though.

Everytime You Need Some Dukkha, Go Ahead, Dukkha Your Self.

Just Create A World Outside.

And There It Is.

With All That Comes With It.

Self Included.



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