Stillness of body brings stillness of mind. The same stillness that makes visible traumata also begets stillness of mind. Not immediately but in due course. How? By a process of admittance, acceptance and release.

The ego can finally admit its vulnerability. Its ability to be wounded and hurt badly. Big injuries, small scratches, they all belong to the past. While we carry on with our lives we carry them with us. We carry along so many burdens. And for what? We tell ourselves it is in order to develop character. We tell others it is in order to gain experience. Isn’t it simply to awaken compassion in ourselves and others? Sometimes we forget who we are – or who we would be or what we would be like – without these burdens. Realising this is an essential step to see dukkha as dukkha. It is a first step. It takes another leap to take a deep dive and explore the present moment as it is.

The outcries of the ego are witnessed. They are taken for what they are. No reason to make anything more out of them. No reason to identify with them. It is just pain. The cure for the pain is in the pain. Identification prevents purification. You writhe and squirm and don’t want to know. Not knowing your duty prevents blossoming beauty. Not doing what needs to be done prevents the development of heart. It is all about strengthening equanimity. It is all about depersonalisation. Don’t just simplify your life. Depersonalise (sh)it! Depersonalise pain, fear, worry, anger, greed delusion. When ‘you are confused’, know there is confusion. When ‘you are angry’ or ‘you are in pain’, know there is anger, know there is pain. When ‘you want it real bad’, know there is craving. That is all. Just this, as Ajahn Chan used to say.

I do not have to analyse every situation. The past is gone. It is made up. Made up of what? Stories. Each and every moment this or that story is added or revised. Stories are great! Children, no matter if they are 8 or 80 years of age, love them. They just love them. They love stories so much they make their life a story, also. Life-story. MY life-story. Biography. So many lives. So many stories. No wonder most of us are lost in thought most of the time. Still, we stick to ‘reality’ and what is that? It is what is seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched, thought. Reality we deem outside. Remember the lesson learned by Rashomon. Especially with seeing and hearing we tend to ‘go out’ to the objects, putting labels on them. Labels come from us and disturb us, like Epiktet put it: ‘It’s not the things but our opinions about the things that bother us.’ What is happening inside? What about insight…?



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