Superheroes have a tough life

Fight hard. Be strong. Keep up all time to be on top of everything. Control the bad guys. Protect the good ones. And sometimes look beyond these distinctions. What has fighting made of you?

Ain’t it difficult to get a grip on the joker: someone not willing to play the rational game; who admires the guy who is good at everything; who hates him because of that fact. Who is the joker in your life?

So complicated to deal with other people being envious, competitive and critical. Not happy within themselves, they suspect everyone to be an enemy. Even the ones trying to help them.

It must be really hard to excel at many things. It is impossible to master the phenomenal world. Then, what is the phenomenal world: a promise never kept.

Watch myself comparing: Am I better, equal, worse? Who cares?

All that’s left to do is take off the mask and lay down the cape and celebrate my misstakes.

It is what makes me human. Who wants to be superhuman, anyway?


One thought on “Superheroes have a tough life

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