Watering the hole is wholesome action

My chore at the first two retreats here in Thailand is to clean the toilets and to sweep the area around it. So I think it is appropriate to write a little bit about this business of turnover or, as some might call it, the psychology and ecology of shit.

Now I haven’t been in Thailand for a long time. But long enough to understand at least one thing, viz. the fact that living intimately with nature includes getting in touch with one’s own body. That is nature’s way.

The moment we are born, we know nothing about good and evil. We have no ideas about god and devil. No clue about right and wrong. Over time we are conditioned to view the surroundings along these demarcations. That’s civilisation’s way.

Cleaning my backside, behind, my anus with water and my bare hand has many benefits.

First, contact with a part of the body which is usually neglected or taboo in society. From an early age we learn what is OK and what’s not, what’s a do and what’s a no-no. (“No Tommy, don’t touch that. Don’t play with that! That’s dirty! Poo!’) It is food in its transformed state, after mingling with this decaying body.

Secondly, many millions of trees are saved. If everybody in China & India used toilet paper instead of water, supposedly there would be no tree on this planet and we would have no oxygen to breathe. And I don’t know about y’all but I really love to breathe.

Thirdly, water cleanses a lot better and is refreshing. When you clean your anus with water, haemorrhoids are a thing of hearsay only, because as a matter of fact toilet paper only smears poo around. Remainders get mixed with hair (in case of men) and the area can get wound and infected.

Fourthly, less water is needed to flush down the shit because some of it already disappears due to the rinsing water of the anus cleansing process.

So let us care for ourselves and nature at the same time. Whatcha think? Do you?


Toilet door reminder at Wat Kow Tahm


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